Mission & Vision Core Values

Mission & Vision Core Values


Providing affordable beauty solutions to everyone


Parlourgroup Wendi Mission
The Mission behind Pink Parlour's story is to empower women through confidence.

Be it our clients, our stakeholders and Perhaps most importantly, our employees and communities we operate in My journey in the industry has given me many opportunities to empower many under privileged women, victims of domestic violence and teenage dropouts, equip them with skills, education and independence solutions that they can become proud breadwinners and community givers in return.


Helping our employees and clients build confidence through beauty.
#getbold #getconfident #getpinked #getsmooth


To operate with integrity and honesty towards both clients and staff. We always do the right thing, keep life simple, do what we say we will do, innovate, delight clients, be our own customer, transparent, listen, care, serve and believe in people and their dreams! Be your own customer. We want to Simplify life. We are Transparent with everything. We want to delight clients. We empower entrepreneurs. We listen, we care, we serve. We do what we say we’ll do. We innovate and constantly improve. We do the right thing. We believe in people and their dreams.